Dust off your Slow Cookers! Let’s make a Dazzling Pot Roast.


potroastWinter means comfort food and I love a good pot roast.  Pot roast is a cheap, tough cut of meat that can be transformed into a delicious dinner.  Most tough cuts are best when cooked slowly.  That’s when a slow cooker becomes your best friend.  This appliance works slowly breaking down the tough meat fibers, while at the same time keeping the meat moist with flavorful liquid.  The best way to bump up the beefy flavor in a pot roast is to sear the meat first.  Searing gives the meat a delicious  browned crust that is formed when sugars and proteins in the meat react to the heat.  It not only looks and smells good, it gives the sauce a complex flavor and rich color.  Once the meat is seared, transfer it to the slow cooker along with the pan drippings.  Please visit the Recipes Section of this website for instructions on how to make Pot Roast in the Slow Cooker.  Yum!


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