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Come join the fun as we delve into beginner and advanced cooking classes for adults and children.  Ask us about Girl’s Night Out, Couple’s Cooking, Birthday Parties, Bridal/Baby Showers, Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties, Team Building Events,

Kid’s Cooking Classes – Schedule


Kid’s Cooking Classes are in session at our Staten Island location on Thursdays from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Private lessons are also available. Space is limited. Please call 347-524-0355

Events in February 2022


Couple’s Cooking Class in February Girl’s Night Out in February Call to schedule: 

College Students Chat


Coming Soon – What you should know about proper diet and healthy food choices, especially during your first year of college. Many new students suffer with weight gain during that first year away from

Holy Guacamole!


Making Guacamole is super easy! It’s so easy, I don’t have a recipe! I make it according to taste. Here are the ingredients: Avocados, ripened, smashed Red Onion, small diced Cherry Tomatoes, cut into 4 parts Squeeze of

How Do You Keep Leftover Avocado From Turning Brown?


How do you keep that leftover avocado from turning brown? Let’s talk about why avocados turn brown. Like apples or potatoes, they oxidize when exposed to air. Once you cut into an avocado, you’ll never

Top 10 SuperFoods, Dazzle Your Dishes With Them!


BLUEBERRIES deep blue color is a by-product of flavonoids. This superfood has been shown to preserve memory function. It has a high water content which is hydrating to your skin and other cells of the body.

Tip of the Month 1/10/2022


  SALT to Taste:  Don’t think for a moment that salt is salt.  If you are into cooking then you know that salt is an important commodity!  Salts have become very trendy, however – red

Try Something New or Different!


As busy as we all are, we seem to find ourselves in the supermarket often.  Next time you are at the supermarket, look around in the produce section.  Pick a vegetable that you’ve never tried or one

Children's Birthday Parties Cooking Lesson

Children’s Birthday Parties


Let Dazzle Me A Dish create a fun and different birthday party for your child on or off premises.  Our services are tailored to suit your needs and your budget. We offer a “cooking/baking lesson”